Your New Kitten

Your New Kitten

The decision to adopt a new kitten is an exciting one! To ensure your new little friend makes a smooth transition into your household we have some simple suggestions and advice:

We suggest feeding your kitten the same (or very similar) food it was receiving before the adoption. Changing the diet quickly can result in an upset tummy. Once your kitten has settled for a few days you can slowly transition to the food of your choice. Kittens have very small stomachs. Offer a small amount of dry food at all times, and 3 – 4 small wet or cooked meat meals per day. For more information on general cat nutrition please visit our Cat Nutrition page here.

Kittens are tiny and their curious nature can get them into trouble very easily! We recommend confining your kitten to a small room for the first few days when unsupervised. They need lots of sleep so providing a warm and safe bed for plenty of undisturbed rest is important. Ensure any toys do not easily fall apart or have bits than can be accidentally eaten (especially strings or tails). Provide a small cat pole to give your kitten the chance to express their normal clawing behaviour – as your kitten grows into an adult you may need to invest in a taller pole. 

Finally ensure that your kitten’s food and toileting needs are taken care of. Cats do not like eating close to where they use their litter so keeping food and litter tray well apart is recommended. Cats also do not like having their water close to their food – ensure food and water is well separated.

We recommend you begin your kitten’s vaccinations from 6-8 weeks of age. Please visit our Vaccination page for more information here.

Kittens should be treated for intestinal worms every 2 weeks, from 2 weeks of age until 12 weeks of age. After 12 weeks of age we recommend monthly worming until 6 months of age, then every 3 months life long. Outdoor kittens should be treated for fleas monthly with a quality cat-safe product from 8 weeks of age. For more information on parasite control in cats please visit our Parasite Control page here.

Book your kitten in for a check up and we can answer any further questions you may have on rearing your new little friend!