Puppy Preschool

Puppy Preschool

Puppy Pre-School classes are conducted at our Eltham Central Veterinary Hospital on scheduled weeknights. Each program consists of four practical lessons, which run for approximately 1 hour each. We conduct owner education, appropriate socialisation and a basic training program for puppies aged 8 – 14 weeks in a safe, controlled environment. Puppy preschool is a great foundation to then move onto more involved dog training.


  • respond to name
  • begin socialising with other pups, children and adults
  • sit
  • drop
  • beginnings of walking on a loose lead and recalls
  • tolerate gentle handling



  • positive reinforcement training
  • handling and grooming
  • toilet training
  • bite inhibition
  • understanding and management of normal puppy behaviour eg. jumping and mouthing
  • responsible pet ownership
  • environmental enrichment
  • nutrition
  • Prior to starting classes, a “Puppy Profile” sheet will need to be completed and returned to the hospital. This can be arranged by calling or dropping into the Eltham Central or Montmorency Veterinary Hospitals. Payment in full for the entire course is required to secure a position.
  • We will contact you with your confirmed start date.
  • Maximum of 2 family members per class.
  • Please bring your puppy on a flat collar and lead. (no check chains or retractable leads)
  • Please bring current vaccination certificate if the pup is not vaccinated at one of our hospitals.
  • If your pup is unwell please leave him/her at home, but do still come along yourself
  • Puppy training treats will be provided.
  • All training notes and information will be provided.

Please call and speak to our nurses if you have any further questions or would like to book a place for you and your puppy in our next class.