Food, Toys & Accessories

Food, Toys & Accessories

Our Team has thought long and hard about every item that we stock in our hospitals. We have a wide selection, and you can be confident that we stock only the best in quality products to help you care for your pet. Products includes boredom buster toys, collars, walking leads and harnesses, pet fly repellents and sunscreens, winter coats, bedding and high quality shampoo and grooming tools. We also have dental care products, arthritic joint care supplements and delicious pet treats. We can also order less common products for your pet if we don’t already have it on our shelves.

Not only do we have many useful products that can be purchased over the counter without an appointment, but our friendly staff are well versed in their product knowledge and know lots of “inside tricks”  in keeping your pet happy as well as healthy!

Mental stimulation or “environmental enrichment” is key in keeping your pet alert, active and happy. All animals need something to do with their days whether you have a dog, cat, or critter/pocket pet at home. Just like us, our pets need to investigate, think and problem solve. We stock a fantastic range of “boredom busters” for pets of all sizes, and will be happy to recommend the most suitable style of interactive toy to keep your pet stimulated!

Along with regular exercise, mental stimulation and veterinary care, quality nutrition is key in maintaining your pets prolonged good health. Our hospitals stock only the best brands of dog, cat, guinea pig and rabbit foods on the market.

These foods provide complete and balanced daily nutrition for your pet. Our range includes life stages for young, adult and senior pets in addition to niche specialised diets for pets with specific health needs. These include high calorie foods for pets losing body condition, or restricted calorie food for those prone to weight gain, as well as dental diets and diets for diagnosed health conditions such kidney disease, liver disease and even diabetes.

Whatever your pets age, size, breed, weight, activity level, sensitivities or health status we will find the best possible food and accessories help. Just ask us!

You may also be interested in our beautifully presented Diamond Valley Gift Vouchers. Our vouchers are a fantastic and easy idea for all the pet lovers in your life, particularly those who can be hard to buy for at Christmas and birthdays or those who may be struggling a little during the year. Our vouchers can be redeemed for any veterinary services, products or accessories. These are a popular and very thoughtful unique gift to give the pet lover in your life.