Emergencies & After Hours Care

Emergencies & After Hours Care

If you have an emergency with your pet, please always telephone ahead so that we can give you the best advice and prepare for your arrival.

This applies to our Hospitals as well as the after hours facilities listed below.

Conditions we consider an emergency or require urgent attention include:

Possible snake bite

Collapse of any sort, especially if the animal can not get up on its own or appears paralysed in the back legs

Breathing difficulties

Inability to urinate, particularly in a male cat or dog


Heat stroke

Snail bait ingestion

Being unwell after travelling to a paralysis tick region

If  in doubt – call us!

There are several dedicated Emergency Hospitals in Melbourne with speciality equipment for monitoring and treatment. If we are closed we recommend contacting one of these facilities for treatment advice.

Many of our patients do not need full monitoring when our staff are not present, but if your pet is critically ill, unstable, or you just want peace of mind, then we will give you the option of transferring them to one of the Emergency Hospitals listed below.

Advantages of after-hours facilities:

They are open when we are not, and can monitor critical cases for longer if required.

After hours are normal hours for them i.e. their Veterinarians and Nursing staff only work these hours, so they will be fresh, alert, and ready to attend to your pet.

These After Hours centres have highly specialised equipment and facilities and skills to service all your pets emergency needs during those hours.

Any critically ill patient in our care that needs to be monitored intensively 24 hours a day, can be transferred to one of these centres for overnight monitoring. This will allow constant intensive care if needed.

Your pet will have access to high quality veterinary attention and care 24 hours a day.

5 Hood St, Collingwood VIC
Phone 9417 6417

17-19 Plenty Rd, Bundoora VIC
Phone 9467 2255

Level 1, 26 Robertson St, Kensington VIC
Phone 9092 0400

1103 Dandenong Rd, Malvern East VIC
Phone 9569 3677

Main Terminal, Essendon Airport (via Ring Rd) VIC
Phone 9379 0700

37 Blackburn Rd, Mt Waverley VIC
Phone 9803 8122